Q: “What is Single Origin coffee?”

A: Single origin coffee is coffee grown from a single known geographic region. sometimes this is a single farm or a specific collection of beans from a single country and it is not blended post roast. single origin is significant to the specialty coffee industry because it allows for equivalent and traceable comparisons amongst roasters. each region has a unique flavor profile for the varietals of coffee grown.

Q: “What makes Forest Coffee Cold Brew different from the competition?”

A: Forest Coffee cold brew uses coffee beans sourced from a very unique micro-lot producer in northern thailand. coffee grown on this farm, when roasted properly, expresses beautiful nuances of cocoa and dark berry. combined with our tried and true brewing technique, we deliver our customers the finest beverage specialty coffee has to offer.

Q: “What is Direct Trade?”

A; Direct trade is a process of sourcing green coffee beans from independent micro-lots. direct trade is an alternative to fair trade, creating lasting and mutual beneficial partnerships between the roaster and farmer- forming a more sustainable and transparent supply chain for specialty coffee. direct trade roasters typically pay 25% higher prices to the coffee farmer by foregoing the cost of fair trade certification.