The People

The Phahi Village is a small village with eighty seven families living there. They are one of the many Akha Hill Tribes that living on the Hill in Northern Thailand. Twenty years ago you would have found them growing poppies to make opium. The trees on the hill were cut down and slash and burn farming was used to continuously grow new poppy fields.  

Once opium became illegal our producer created a bond with the Phahi Village and taught the people how to grow coffee in place of poppy. Arabica coffee needs shade in order to grow and so Pine and Burness trees were also planted, giving the Phahi Village people a new livelihood and re-growing the forests on the hill to help with the large amount of deforestation in this area due to opium.

Growing coffee has not only become a source of stable income for the Phahi Village families, by earning wages over ten times that they earned while growing poppy, but it has also created a safer and sustainable livelihood for them as well. Every family owns the land where their coffee plants are grown. With help from our producer they have learned how to grow the plants, when to pick the berries, and how to harvest the beans in order to create the best quality product.